Premax UPS 690VA

Model Number: PM-UPS690

UPS PM-UPS690 is having automatic voltage regulation with compact design configurable Alarm. Battery management technology.

  • Capacity: 690VA/515W
  • Input Voltage: 100V/110V:80~50Vac 230V/240V:145~295 Vac


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Capacity 690VA/515W
Input Voltage 100V/110V:80~50Vac

230V/240V:145~295 Vac

Output Socket 2 Universal sockets
Recharge Time 4 ~ 6 Hours
Detection LED


• Built-in AVR (145-295Vac)
• Power Fluctuation Leveling
• Pure Sine Wave (AC Mode)
• Simulated Sine Wave (DC Mode)
• Surge Protection
• Short Circuit Protection
• Battery Overcharge Protection
• Overload Protection


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