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Buying the Best Laptops in Kenya 2020

Looking to buy the Best Laptops in Kenya and their Prices in 2020? Buying a Laptop in Kenya has never been that Easy either New or Refurbished. But here are two Major Factors you should consider before buying a good laptop ;

New or Refurbished Laptops (EX-UK)

When buying a Laptop it is better to consider this facts. Like majority of Laptops in the Kenyan market are Ex-UK(REFURBISHED). These are the laptops that were previously used by companies/individuals in Europe who Traded in for New generation Laptops. The Laptops are taken back to their Manufacturer and sold back to the market after clean up. The price of a Refurbished laptop is usually cheap. Cheap laptops are Refurbished Laptops.

The other Laptops in the Kenyan Market are the New Laptops. Major laptops brands have made into the market. The major laptops are like Apple, HP, DELL, Lenovo and ASUS laptops. The market of the laptops is significant low since the cost of a new Laptop is high.

Average Laptop Prices

Most common Cheapest Laptops in Kenya are HP Laptops. Hp laptops are the majority Laptops in Kenya since they are  easier to access Spare parts, Accessories and Repair services.

HP ELITEBOOK 820 refurbished laptop
HP Laptop

Refurbished HP laptops are the cheapest in Kenya from KSH 17,000 – KSH 40,000.

New HP Laptops are from KSH 30,000 – KSH 140,000.

HP Spectre brand new laptop in Kenya at
HP Spectre

The Laptops brand common in the Kenya are DELL Laptops, Lenovo Laptops, Acers, Asus, and lastly Apple Laptops.

Laptop prices are determined by the specifications of the Laptop. The specifications Include RAM, Internal Memory or ROM, Processor Speed, Touch Capabilities, Year of Production, and lastly Laptop brand.The higher the specifications the higher the price.

Finding out the daily usage of the Laptop helps in having the right specifications. Gaming Laptops need higher specifications than blogging laptops.

Refurbished Laptops Prices range from KSH 15,000 – KSH 40,000. New Laptops Prices range from KSH 40,000 – KSH 180,000.

Buying the best laptop check the Laptop Brand, New or refurbished and its Specifications.

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